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How the Language Works

– An easy to understand and concise article on basic grammar and language functions.

Focail agus Frásaí

– Useful words and phrases on a clear glance-card kindly produced by one of our teachers Colin.

Vocab Builders and Posters:

Vocab Builder – Dates                  Vocab Builder – Colours

Vocab Builder – Numbers            Vocab Builder – Animals        Vocab Builder – Animals 2

Exercises and Revision Tools:

Say and Cover and Write and Check!

Sometimes its hard to find ways to practice words we already know. This exercise will help improve spelling and help you commit these words to memory. Simply look at the word, memorise it, cover it, say it aloud until it sounds right and write it down. When you can successfully spell every word without having to look at the Irish first you’ve done it and can move on to another exercise.

SACAWAC – Animals                SACAWAC – Basic Vocab

Join the Canberra Classroom

Join the Canberra Classroom

Check out this YouTube series, recommended by one of our beginner students!

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  1. Anthony says:

    There’s also a Duolingo club you can join called Irish Downunder if you’d rather compete with friends instead of get given assignments.

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