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Membership / Comhaltas:

Membership to the CILA may be purchased for $2 annually. You can also follow our Facebook and Google+ pages by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Membership forms can be downloaded here. We are now accepting new memberships!

 1 Year – $10

3 Years – $25

 All memberships run from September the 1st each calendar year.


Why Join?

Membership includes discount admission to CILA events and early invitation. From time-to-time there will be special offers from the wider Irish community. Some past examples include exclusive film screenings and tickets to local performances. Your membership fee goes directly to funding the website and providing materials for our class rooms here in Canberra.

 If you have an interest in the Irish language and want to have access to learning materials and be included in community events than CILA is for you.




If you would like to become a member please e-mail Samantha at We accept Payment via cheque or money order made out to Canberra Irish Language Association or Cash. If you would like to make a direct deposit please email us for the account details.

You may find it easier to submit your membership application online and simply bring along $2 to your next class.


We apologise that we do not have credit-card facilities available.
Tá brón orainn, ní chuirimid bhfuil áiseanna cárta creidmheasa.