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Beginners Level – 2016 Semester 1 – Prt 1

Work covered in class during weeks 1 and 2.

Beal Beo 4, pages 195/196 (Pg195 LinkPg196 Link)
Why Ciara was crying etc.  Finding out what the rest of the passage means.
(In pairs) Understanding/answering six questions, starting with some geography!

Practise Gaeilge Gan Stró

GGS page 17, GGS page 19, Conversations 2C and 2D: Beal Beo 4, pages 195/196
GGS Vocabulary 3 page 18 . Ex. 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3 in pairs.

Work covered in class during weeks 3 and 4.

Class work: Beal Beo 4 : Pg 3 and 4
GGS Pg 21. Ex. 2.6 and 2.7

(a).   Prepare answers for GGS Ex. 2.6 and 2.7
(b).   Using CD 1, listen to Talking Heads GGS pg 21 – without, then with, the text.
(c) Have a go at preparing one short sentence in Irish about your mother, to share with the class.
(d) Beol Beo Page 3 (Ar dteaghlach/Our family)


D1.2 – Read this conversation aloud. Practise until you’re comfortable using the phrases in a regular conversational voice, instead of reading directly off the page.

Bríd: Dia duit, a Sheáin. Hello John.

Seán: Dia’s Muire duit, a Bhríd. Conas tá sibh go léir? Hello, Bridget. How are you all?

Bríd: Táimid go maith, agus conas tá tú féin?. We are well, and how are you yourself?

Seán: Ó, ar fheabhas. Nach breá an lá é? Oh, excellent. Isn’t it a fine day?

Bríd: Is breá, go deimhin. Tá an ghrian ag soilsiú, agus tá an aimsir go hálainn. It is fine, certainly. The sun is shining and the weather is beautiful.

Seán: Níl an aimsir chomh fuar agus a bhí sé inné. The weather is not as cold as it was yesterday.

Bríd: Agus níl an lá chomh fliuch agus a bhí sé inné. And the day is not as wet as it was yesterday.

Seán: Tá orm dul abhaile anois, a Bhríd. Féach, tá sé a cúig a chlog beagnach. I must go home now, Bridget. Look, it is almost five o’clock.

Bríd: Slán leat Good-bye.

Seán: Slán agat, a Bhríd. Good-bye, Bridget.
Note: “Slán agat” (health be at you) is said to someone staying behind. “Slán leat “(health be with you) is said to someone going away.

Basic Descriptions

What colour is it? Cén dath atá ar? kane dah ahtah’ air?
It is.. Tá sé… tah shay..
red dearg djareg
blue gorm gorum
yellow buí bwee
green glas glahs
orange oráiste orrahshtah
black dubh doov
white bán bahn
grey liath lee-ah

Work covered in class during weeks 5, 6 and 7.


  • Beal Beo 4, page 5  – lion na bearnai (fill the gaps).
  • Write 3 sentences about your family, using vocabulary & phrases from GGS Aonad 2 and start of Aonad 3.
  • Pages 26-27 of Gaeilge Gan Stró – Beginners Level


Observe the table below and then complete the drills are personal revision – “To be”

Tá mé – I am Is … mé – I am
Tá tú – you (singular) are Is… tú – you are
Tá sé  –  he, (it) is Is… sé  –  he, (it) is
Tá sí – she is Is… sí – she is
Táimid  –  we are Is… muid  –  we are
Tá sibh  –  you (plural) are Is… sibh  –  you (plural) are
Tá siad –  they are Is… siad –  they are
An bhfuil mé? – am I? Níl mé – I am not
An bhfuil tú? – are you? (singular) Níl tú – you (singular) are not
An bhfuil sé? – is he? Níl sé – he is not
An bhfuil sí? – is she? Níl sí – she is not
An bhfuilimid? – are we? Nílimid – we are not
An bhfuil sibh? – are you? (plural) Níl sibh – you (plural) are not
An bhfuil siad? – are they? Níl siad – they are not

To give you fluency and practice in pronunciation, you may practise with this progressive drill. Repeat this drill the lessons call for it, substituting the verb to be for each new verb you learn that you have trouble remembering. Each time you repeat it, it becomes easier.

An bhfuil mé sa ghairdín? Am I in the garden?
Níl mé sa ghairdín. I am not in the garden.
Tá tú sa ghairdín. You are in the garden
An bhfuil tú sa ghairdín? Are you in the garden?
Níl tú sa ghairdín. You are not in the garden.
Tá sé sa ghairdín. He is in the garden.
An bhfuil sé sa ghairdín? Is he in the garden?
Go on from here. Your last sentence will be: Tá mé sa ghairdín. I am in the garden. It may help to write these out before you say them.